The ultimate online course Nutrition for Pregnancy is here!

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

You may have seen I’ve launched my first online course NUTRITION FOR PREGNANCY  on Day One Fertility with Brittany Darling.

I wanted to share with you why this course is so important to me..
When I fell pregnant with my first, Jet (some 12+ years ago) it was a huge shock. My periods weren’t regular, I was on a path to recovery from a long term eating disorder, I was mid way through my studies in Nutrition and I certainly wasn’t prepared for what was coming for me with pregnancy.

I had no idea what questions to ask my doctor, or what specific tests I needed to do for where I was at in life. I was given a list of ‘avoid these foods’ and advised to take a (substandard) supplement by my doc and then I bumbled my way through my morning sickness, pregnancy fatigue, and didn’t know what to eat or what how to look after mine and baby’s health best I could. I was flying blind in pregnancy and after the birth too.

By the time I fell pregnant with my second (Elke), some 10 years on, I’d honed my knowledge and education on the optimal nutrition required for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I felt confident asking my doctor for what I needed (for me and for baby) and sought out the best supplements, diet and remedies for both of us. I wanted to fall pregnant with my third (Amelie) not long after having my second so I really had to be laser focussed on nutrition throughout my pregnancy and post birth because I couldn’t risk depletion. My pregnancies were healthy, as are my kiddy winks, and I’ve never felt more empowered by health and nutrition.
THIS is what I want for you for your pregnancy. That feeling of confidence and the knowledge to advocate for the health of you and your baby. And this is why Brit and I have poured all our knowledge and experience into NUTRITION FOR PREGNANCY – to give you the tool kit for your healthiest pregnancy yet. It truly is a course like no other and I know you’ll walk away feeling incredibly empowered. You can find it and grab your seat to start learning, any time you’re ready (it’s a self paced online course!) via