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Episode 6 of 7 Days of Sweet Snacks / Good Chef Sweets

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

It’s been a month since the new season launch of GOOD CHEF, BAD CHEF which I’m proudly co-hosting. So, for today’s Episode 6 of 7 Days of Sweet Snacks I wanted to share some of the great Good Chef Sweet Snacks I’ve made.

Be sure to tune into Good Chef, Bad Chef weekdays 3pm on Channel 10, and of course on catch up and 10Play if you miss it, for some truly delicious recipes, healthy and more indulgent to keep you inspired and balanced in your approach to eating and health.

Sweet Snacks made your Good Chef:

Of course, my wonderful nutrition co-host, Dr Joanna McMillan has some wonderful healthier versions of sweet snacks in there too for you, and my more indulgent co-host chefs – Tim Bone and Mike Reid – really bring indulgence to life with theirs too! I was suitably inspired by all the recipes we created for the show – such a blast! Good Chef, Bad Chef – 3pm weekdays, Channel 10 (catch up on previous eps at 4pm) and on demand via 10Play.