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Ep 3 SWEET SNACK CELBRATION HACK, 7 days of Sweet Snacks

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition


If you have a couple of packets of my whole food cookie bake mixes that I’ve created in collab with @mt_elephant, then all you’ll need to make this amazing celebration cake is some ice cream, a bit of extra chocolate, and some eggs and olive oil to make the cookies.

It’s cool to keep my easy to make / bake sweet snacks in the pantry ready to whip snacks or something more special together with absolutely minimal effort. It’s cooler that they’re made with whole food ingredients which is all I ever wanted to buy when I looked in the bake mix isle for cheat baking. I couldn’t find it, so I created it!

Our 8 product bake mix range – cookies, brownies, blondies, loaves and pancakes – are stocked in 900 stores nationally including Woolworths, Harris Farm and GoVita.

Now back to the cake…let’s get cooking!


Serves 12-16

Gluten free : Dairy Free (opt) : Vegan (opt)

2-3L good quality (not low fat or this won’t work out well) ice cream

2 packs Mt Elephant x Brown Paper Nutrition Double Choc Whole Food Cookie Mix

2 eggs*

160ml olive oil*

Opt: 50g additional chocolate to melt for candles, dried flowers or other decorations for top

To make the ice cream layers: One day prior to needing this cake, make the ice cream layer. Soften ice cream at room temp. Line a 20cm cake tin with 3 layers of cling wrap (plant based preferably) allowing a 6cm overhang to wrap over the top at the end. Scoop and spread ice cream into the cake tin, finishing by spreading the top evenly. Cover the cling wrap over and place in freezer to set overnight.

To make the cookie layers: Heat oven to 170C (fan forced), grease and line the base of 2x 20cm diameter round spring form cake tins. Mix cookie mixes according to instructions (this includes the eggs and olive oil stated in the ingredient list). Divide between two cake tins and press out evenly. Press over the top gently to even it out, and then using a spoon create a gap around the edges about 1cm wide to allow the cookie to spread in the tin. Bake for 20-25 minutes in oven, until slight cracking on top appears (like the usual cookie!). Cool completely.

To make the cake: gently heat the additional chocolate until just gooey, not liquid. Dollop over the cookie you’re using for the top of the cake and allow to set slightly, just enough so that it will hold the candle when you press it in. Pop aside to set completely. When ready to build the cake, add one layer of the cookie onto your serving plate. Flip the cookie so that the bottom side is connecting with the ice cream layer. Add the ice cream layer, followed by the top layer with candles. Decorate, and serve immediately.

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