Are you getting enough calcium in your diet?

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Calcium is required for the development and maintenance of the skeleton as well as for cardiac and neuromuscular function. In pregnancy the recommended intake stays the same (approx 1000mg daily) with the exception of women at risk of / experiencing pre-eclampsia. The WHO recommends increasing daily calcium intake significantly to around 1.5-2g calcium daily.

You can acquire calcium from a variety of dietary sources. Whilst dairy is trusty, it doesn’t always agree with everyone – values / digestive tolerance so be sure that if you aren’t eating dairy, that you are enjoying other plant sources in abundance to hit the RDI 1000mg.

Interestingly calcium present in (*good quality) soy milk can be as high as a serve of dairy milk.

Try including more of these foods in your diet:
+ Bony fish such as sardines or tinned salmon
+ almonds
+ dried figs
+ soy milk or other calcium fortified plant milk
+ spinach
+ sesame seeds / tahini (avoid if pregnant)
+ chickpeas
+ yoghurt
+ whole milk
+ hard cheese

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