Episode 2, SWEET BLENDS / 7 days of sweet snacks

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

If blending a sweet snack is your vibe – smoothies, smoothie bowls, and icy poles – then I want you to consider these simple principles when you do. They incorporate some of Episode 1 food combining as well.

1. Use whole fruit and whole veg in the blend.
Example: making icy poles blend whole fruits rather than making them with just juice. Use plant or dairy milk to add to smoothies/bowls, rather than juice (as per most store bought acai), as some plant and all dairy milk add valuable protein whilst other plant milks lower in protein can add other quality micronutrients.

2. Include quality sources of protein and healthy fats.
This is the best way to satiate your appetite whether you’re making a blend for a snack or a small meal. The inclusion of macronutrients protein and fats helps to keep you fuller for longer, compared to consuming a blend that’s purely carb (fruit) based, which will likely have you wanting another snack within an hour or two. I love adding frozen avocado flesh, nut butters, whole nuts, hemp and chia seeds, cottage cheese, greek yoghurt to blends.

3. Pop your supplements (if indicated) into your blends.
Not everyone needs/wants to use supplements. I personally find them helpful to fill gaps in my diet, and prescribe when necessary to clients. Powdered supplements are an easy option to choose and add to food especially if you struggle with capsules/pills or simply forget to take them. Many come in neutral flavour or vanilla these days so they’re a simple addition to the mix.


Let’s put this altogether with a recipe… I’m incorporating food supplements into this blend, that I include daily in my diet mostly combined with the foods I’m eating. It’s a great substantial snack blend incorporating natural fibre and sweet carbohydrates from fruit, protein and healthy fats from chia and hemp seeds, blood sugar stabilising properties from cinnamon, skin boosting properties and additional protein from collagen, and creatine to support muscle growth, cognition and energy.


Gluten free : Dairy Free (opt)


1/3 cup milk of choice (I used almond)

1 frozen banana, sliced into small pieces

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp hemp seeds

dash vanilla extract

good pinch cinnamon

1x serving collagen powder

1x serving creatine

Add the milk to the blender FIRST. Then add all remaining ingredients. Blend on low to start to ensure the machine blade doesn’t become stuck on the frozen hard fruits, then as it emulsifies turn it up to create a smooth blend. Consume immediately for a sorbet like consistency… or drink later as a smoothie.

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