I’ve launched a HEALTHIER range of baking mixes

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

SUCH AN EXCITING DAY TO SEE MY BAKING MIXES HIT SHELVES!!!!!! This is a big first for me and I couldn’t feel more proud!!!! I manifested this idea a few years back, talked it out with my besties, sat on it for a little while (babies et al) and then probably 2 years ago I started doing some work with the crew @mt_elephant, when the timing was right, I floated the idea of a range of healthier baking mixes such as cookies and slices and they LOVED IT!!!!
When Amelie was just a tiny, I spent months in the kitchen formulating a range of cookies and slices I would want to eat (nutritious ingredients) but also didn’t scrimp on flavour (HELLO chocolatey goodness and other such joy) so that everyone else would want to eat them too and they are finally being released into the world!!!!!
We are launching with :
◾️Banana Oat Superfood Cookie Mix
◾️Double Choc Superfood Cookie Mix
◾️Choc Chunk Wholefood Blondie Mix
◾️Choc Chunk Wholefood Brownie Mix
You will find these from TODAY in your local @woolworths_au – I think / hope you and your people love them… I’m super proud of them! 🥰