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How to build a healthy plate

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Ditch the guilt you may be harnessing from a long weekend of indulging. Indulging is a healthy part of life.

Practice this CREATE YOUR HEALTHY PLATE strategy instead (of feeling guilt) at meals. Be consistent with this and you’ll feel great, whether you’ve indulged or not.

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1. 1/2 plate low starch vegetables – tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, dark leafy green vegetables, zucchini, etc

2. Palm size portion of quality protein – baked or poached chicken breast, grilled or steamed fish, bbq lean red meat, 2-3 eggs, and 3/4-1 cup cooked legumes for plant based reference

3. Fist size portion starchy carbohydrates – steamed or baked pumpkin/sweet potato, steamed/boiled white potatoes, wholegrains e.g. rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats

4. 2-3 tablespoons healthy fats to finish – nuts, seeds, avocado or 1-2 tbsp dressing/extra virgin olive oil/nut butter etc

These are just approximate measures, use you eye and your hands as a measure for these. It’s an easy and practical approach to creating your plate, healthfully and mindfully.

Finally – sit down and enjoy your food. Don’t rush it, chew consciously and take a hot minute to appreciate your body and your health.

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