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How to build a nutritionally balanced lunchbox on Morning Show on 7

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Chatting how to build a nutritionally balanced lunchbox with Kylie and Larry this week on the Morning Show on 7. Watch the segment here.

Key takeaways OR pack in’s for you:

  • Aim to include quality sources of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to help balance a lunchbox. I get it, kids can be fussy, it’s deflating when they don’t eat much, but please don’t give up on exposing them daily to nutritious food – it does turn around eventually!
  • Protein is going to help kids stay fuller for longer + also give them the building blocks for growth and development – easy lunch box friendly protein sources include – yoghurt, cheese, chicken drumsticks, tuna or chicken in sandwiches, crunchy chickpeas, hummus, edamame, peanut butter (high school), and when they are older and in schools where there is potential microwave for us (a lot of high schools have introduced this) then get more hearty protein rich lunches in e.g. leftovers of bolognese with pasta, Mexican beans, stir fries etc.
  • Unpopular but cheapest + honestly one of the most nutritious inclusions in a lunchbox is LEGUMES (for all ages!) – be creative with them, not many kids or teens are going to get excited by a lentil salad but hummus, Chocolate Black Bean Brownies, edamame, burgers/patties/balls you can definitely whack them in and they won’t notice because they’ll enjoy them. They’re rich in fibre, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals and if you think beans beans the more you toot, then introduce SLOWLY so your gut can adapt to the fibre density of them.
  • Kids eat in colour (for the most part, some fussier kids prefer all white foods – parents with these kids, don’t feel bad, this does not last for life!) so try to get colour in through whole food sources. Eat the rainbow.
  • Sweet treats are an important part of livin’ whether you’re a kid or an adult! Make lunchboxes enticing by including them and pop a healthier twist on the norm


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