Improve your nutrition by counting your plant points each week

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

“Plant points” is a concept where people aim to consume a certain number of servings of fruits and vegetables each day or week. It’s a level up from aiming for your 2 fruit + 5 veg serves recommended by health bodies. This concept is based on the widely recognized  benefits of consuming a diet rich in plant-based foods.

Plant points in health is a way to simplify and actually gamify the process of achieving a balanced and nutritious diet, especially for those who struggle to incorporate enough fruits and vegetables into their meals. By assigning point values to different servings of fruits and vegetables and setting a target number of points to reach each day or week, you can track intake and work towards meeting dietary goals.

Earning 30 plant points each week can be a fun and absolutely achievable, try these:

  • keep a simple tally in your notes in your phone, adding at the end of each day and tallying up end of each week, aiming for 1 more plant point the following week
  • draw up a ‘count your plants’ with your kids and have it in a common area e.g. kitchen dining, and make a competition of it with a reward of an activity (rather than a food based reward) at the end of the week
  • plan your meals aiming for 3-5 different plant points per meal. For example:
    • Breakfast : my carrot bacon and egg roll (recipe here) – 1-3 plant points depending on what you add!
    • Snack: fruit with yoghurt – 1 plant point – more if you add some seeds to the mix!
    • Lunch : Greek salad with chicken – 7 plant points (find the most epic recipe in my ebook here)
    • Snack: edamame (soy beans) with carrot sticks and hummus – 4 plant points (beans, carrots, chickpeas, tahini)
    • Dinner: Grilled fish with caponata (recipe here) – 4+ plant points

This approach can help promote awareness of dietary choices and encourage individuals to prioritize plant-based foods as part of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it can provide a simple and tangible way to measure progress towards meeting nutritional recommendations.

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