Tip sheet for parents of baby’s with hip dysplasia

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Our little Amelie bear was diagnosed with both severe hip dysplasia and gastro esophageal reflux at 5 weeks old (she’s now 6months) It was all really overwhelming. The hip dysplasia in particular I felt like I walked in with my darling baby and came out treading hard in the deep end not even really knowing how to get her into her car seat to drive home…and she’s my 3rd baby!

What I wish I had was just a brief guide of what to expect before those appointments and for the days following. Even if my experience was going to be different to others, knowing how to do certain things when you’re already absolutely shattered from new born life would have been so helpful.

I’ve put this tip sheet together to give other families what I feel like I needed. Please feel free to share it with others. Also a huge thanks to those who supported us in the days and weeks followings Amelie’s double diagnosis, we couldn’t have got through it without you

Disclaimer : these tips are based on personal experience and not to be used for diagnosis or treatment – purely friendly support. Please see your GP / paediatrician if you have concerns for your baby.