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How to reduce sugar cravings

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Find yourself craving sugary chocolate during your luteal and menstrual phase? Here are my top tips to navigate these cravings…

1. Swap sugary milk for dark chocolate to start. As you can see the sugary chocolate contains a whopping 56g sugar / 100g, whilst dark chocolate contains considerably less at 14.2g sugar / 100g

2. Team your dark chocolate with some nuts such as almonds, which introduces fats and protein to the snack and therefore helps to slow down the typical surge in blood sugar levels you would have with ‘just’ chocolate. We need well regulated blood sugar levels for healthier happier hormones

3. Consider if you’re having *enough* slow burning carbohydrate sources over the course of your day. Slower burning carbs means you’re body be less likely to crave high sugar foods at the end of the day / mid afternoon when a lot of people do. We love oats, brown and basmati rice, rye, barley, quinoa (though this is a pseudograin, it’s also carb, protein and fibre rich) and wholegrain bread. These carb sources support a health uterine lining in preconception and pregnancy too!

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