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5 simple things you can do for your health that cost NOTHING

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Feel the pressure to spend or acquire more THINGS to improve your health? What about just focusing on what’s at your fingertips FIRST.

Try actioning these 5 simple things to improve your health:

1. 💦 Drink more WATER. Water is vital to support bodily functions including nutrient transportation, detoxification + to maintain body temp.

TIP: Start the day with 2 glasses H20 before any other liquid…looking at you ☕️ 😉

2. 🏃 Get out and WALK more. Make a conscious effort to move in the windows you have available to you in the day. If you want to exercise in 2024 but haven’t been doing much – just go for a walk! It’s honestly that simple, it’s enjoyable and it’s FREE.

TIP: Take a walk around the block after meals, it’s a great way to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels after a meal, and not slump back to desk / couch immediately.

3. 💤 Get to bed earlier. SLEEP is low hanging fruit yet sometimes the patterns of dinner, netflix and chill take you away from grabbing it. A few more zzz can impact on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. If you’re someone that has regular broken sleep (*me) then getting to bed earlier at the least means you’re allowing your body to rest more and that’s something!

TIP: Create a little routine after dinner with a herbal tea and book in bed.

4. 🤗 Lock in CATCH UPS with friends IRL. Texting to keep in touch is wonderful, + important, but belly laughs &/or cries with your people in person are game changers for emotional health.

TIP: Lock in 1 catch up a week with a buddy. Even just a 30min walk or coffee.

5. ⏰ TIME BLOCK your day. It helps you maintain focus, efficiency, achieve things and reduces stress levels.

TIP: Write the plan by each hour for tomorrow – today!