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Shop my pantry essentials for women’s health

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

You asked for a list of the pantry items I stock up on and encourage others to buy for women’s health and so I’ve done that for you on GOODNESS ME SHOP. Get the list here. Pop code JACQUELINE in at the check out for 10% off too. 

A run down on some of the items in a recent delivery below, with dot point notes for you to understand why behind the choices:

Good Fish Tinned Fish

  • Omega 3 fatty acids for brain function, mood (especially post partum, PMS, peri), support cardiovascular health 
  • Mackerel and other small fish in the GF range are lower in toxins which are naturally accumulated more as fish grow
  • Vitamin D rich supporting bone health, immunity, hormone and nervous system function
  • Iodine rich – more on that below… 

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein:

  • Vegan pea protein 
  • Minimal ingredient list 
  • Protein plays a role in building muscle mass, metabolic balance, satiety
  • Women often think they’re hitting protein targets but aren’t, protein powders (quality only) are a simple way to get there. 

Ceres Organic flaxseed:

  • Phytoestrogen / lignan rich to support healthy oestrogen metabolism aka ‘hormonal balance’
  • Also indicated in peri / meno for hot flashes 
  • Fibre rich to fuel gut microbes influencing metabolic, immune and neurobehavioural traits 
  • Add to cereal, smoothies, lunchbowls 
  • *Stay tuned for how Jacq likes to use it most!* 

Ceres Organic Seaweed:

  • Rich in IODINE to support thyroid function and metabolic health
  • Critical in pregnancy for brain development of baby
  • Indicated (therapeutically) in PMS for sore breasts
  • Salty deliciousness as is or in some of my sushi bowls 

Banjo Carob Bears:

  • Appreciate that carob is an acquired taste but I LIKE IT!!!! 
  • Low sugar treat when you feel like something but don’t want same blood glucose spikes as a sugary chocolate, or the mental stimulation that cacao can give at night for instance. 

Dr Kargs 3 Seed Crispbread:

  • Love the variety of simple ingredients in these – wholegrain wheat, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseeds, oats, and extra virgin olive oil. 
  • A SATISFYING lunch cracker option that ACTUALLY SINKS YOUR HUNGER unlike some other crackers where you’re hungry again within an hour and reaching for another caffeine hit / high sugar snack. 
  • 3.5g protein per cracker – so even with 2 in a lunch with a big mackerel bean avocado combo on top you’d add valuable 7g protein to the lunch 
  • 2.8g fibre per serve. Again 2 in a lunch and you’re hitting some solid fibre intake to contribute to RDI

Shop my list here…  Code JACQUELINE FOR 10% OFF (this is an affiliate code, I earn a small commission when you shop using it, however that allows me to put it back into creating nutritious recipes and accessible health education for you)