Teriyaki veggie nourish bowl

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

One of my favourite nourish bowls! Teriyaki veggies, baby spinach, pickled ginger, boiled eggies, avocadoooooo and herbs. Servin it up with some Remedy for good measure. The recipe for my teriyaki roast veggies is heavenly – so scrumptious – and you can make up the teriyaki sauce in bulk and store it too if you love it as much as I do!!!! 
There are 7 DIFFERENT plant based ingredients in this meal, a source of protein from eggs, fibre (vegetables) and high quality carbohydrates derived from starchy carbohydrates such as pumpkin. Whilst you may not always have a number of ingredients to play with at each meal, aim for diversity on your plate and you should start to naturally meet daily RDI (recommended daily intake) for the essential nutrients we need to thrive.