Satay buckwheat noodle rainbow salad

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

This salad (with a few variations based on what’s in the fridge) has been on an aggressive repeat recently. It’s fresh, filling, colourful and just absolutely delicious.

There are a number of plant points to gain in this recipe. As a reminder 1 plant based ingredient = 1 plant point, with the aim to consume 30 different plant points each week for nutritional diversity. In fact at quick glance of the image alone you can spot 7 different plant based ingredients. Pretty great for one meal – wouldn’t you agree?

It’s definitely a meal you can prep in advance and add the dressing just before eating, with a big mix through to ensure delicious coating of the satay all over the ingredients in the salad. There is a dressing recipe below but if buying a store bought one means you consume more of the plants in this dish, then go forth and do that and conquer that plant consumption.


Serves 2

Gluten free (opt) : Dairy Free : Plant based : Vegetarian / Vegan

100g dried buckwheat noodles

3 cups shredded ice berg lettuce

1 cup edamame beans, cooked and podded

1 cup BPA free tinned black beans, rinsed and drained

1.5 cups shredded carrot

1 small red capsicum, seeds removed, cut into thin strips

2 spring onions or Asian shallots, finely sliced

1/4 cup coriander, finely chopped (or whatever Asian style herb you love )

Good drizzle of satay dressing

Dressing: (Makes approx 3-4 serves)

½ cup peanut butter 

2 tbsp lime juice 

1 tbsp soy sauce 

1 tbsp honey 

½ cup boiling water 

Pinch salt and chilli flakes 

Make the dressing by adding all dressing ingredients to a bowl and whisking until well combined. Divide lettuce between bowls, followed by the buckwheat noodles. Divide edamame and black beans between the bowls and then the carrot and red capsicum (although you can do this in whatever order you like to be honest!). Finish with the spring onions and coriander and give a generous drizzle of the satay dressing. Tuck in! 


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