Plant based iced coffee smoothie

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Been making this smoothie a lot for my beautiful man recently – he’s in fitness and is up most mornings at 430 or earlier to get out the door and meet his first group for training in the park. This one is particularly great for the days he’s not in the mood for eating toast or muesli but obviously still needs lots of energy. The inclusion of fibre dense and¬†quality carbohydrates from oats and banana delivers good nutrition to his gut whilst nuts up his intake of essential Omega 3 fatty acids and help to stabilise appetite until his next food break. If his fave protein powder (Nuzest Vanilla – not an ad, just his preference) then we’ll pop that in and trim back a few of the ingredients just so he doesn’t feel like he needs to eat his smoothie with a spoon and can keep getting his butt out the door. We make enough plunger coffee for a few smoothies and pop the spare coffee in a jar in the fridge – also just delicious on ice in the hot summer afternoon with a dash of vanilla and maple!


Serves 1

1 cup chilled plunger coffee (ours is quite strong up to you how you like it) or could use a shot of regular espresso and top it up with water

1/2 cup plant based milk – our go to at present is Bon Soy

4-5 dried dates

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup ice cubes

1 tablespoon hemp seeds

3-4 walnuts

5-6 cashews (you can swap any of these out for those you prefer)

2 tablespoons (thereabouts) rolled oats

+If using protein powder, half the amount of hemp, walnut, cashew and oats for your scoop of protein

Pop all ingredients in a blender, blitz and enjoy!