Plant based green pea spinach and mung bean curry

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

Aiming this year to do a series of recipes that use some ingredients from pantry and freezer only. Quick, easy, super tasty, not a cheat’s variation per se, but no excuses meals because the ingredients are there, ready and waiting for you in the freezer and pantry – you know what I’m saying? For the days you can’t be bothered to go to the shops, or have come from travel (my inspiration moment for this series), or maybe just want to budget your diet more, you know where I am coming from right?

Like finding delicious ways with frozen veggies, tinned (preferably organic) beans, wholegrains, tinned fish and tomatoes, cereals, spices those types of ingredients!

I’m doing this not because I don’t want you to eat fresh whole foods, nooooo that’s not it at all, obviously I want you to eat these. However I want to create ideas, recipes and nutrition for people everywhere and at every moment and sometimes all you have on hand is what’s in your pantry and freezer . So if they have a few yummy items then you can have a really nutritious, wholesome, satisfying and flavoursome meal.

It’s going to be a fun creative challenge for me. There are definitely ingredients in my pantry that could use some more creativity beyond the norm, I’ve no doubt it’s the same for some of you? Also the recipes could translate well for those peeps who love a bit of a road trip or camping and can only take mostly dry ingredients with them too in the great outdoors? What you think? Can you help me?

I’d love for you to comment below on some ideas you’d love or ingredients in your own pantry or freezer that need a bit of a fresh makeover!

Kicking off the series with my Green Pea, Spinach and Mung Bean Curry. Created with frozen peas, frozen spinach, garlic and onion (which are always in my pantry), dried mung beans, yummy dry spices and served with brown rice. Ok ok so there is fresh cori and broccolini in the photo but you don’t have to have them if they’re not on hand of course – just use what is!

Made this a couple of days after we returned home from Sri Lanka, so inspired by the flavours and foods from Lanka so expect from dishes drawn from their incredible culture this year too!

Find the recipe for this wholesome delicious HERE.