Berry tart with gluten free cacao cinnamon (and cauliflower) base

Jacqueline Alwill

Brown Paper Nutrition

I had you at berry, cinnamon, and cacao and then when I jumped in with cauliflower you no doubt questioned me am I right??????

Well, let me reassure you that whilst the wonder-veg-that-can-be-made-into-anything aka cauliflower is in this tart, you actually wouldn’t pick that it is and the tart is still deliciously sweet, wholesome and healthy all in one.

I’ve included Pom Pom Paddock’s Cauliflower Flour mix again (see my previous recipe for Pom Pom Paddock – the Pizza Slice using Cauliflower Flour here…) with cacao, cinnamon, butter, and a couple of other simple ingredients for the tart base then filled it with beautiful berries and coconut yoghurt.

Pom Pom Paddock Cauliflower Flour is gluten free, 100% plant based and quite neutral in flavour so you actually wouldn’t imagine it’s snuck its way in there. Great option for those who love pastry but can’t do the standard wheat pastry generally served up or available to us over the festive season.

A tip I find with pastry and when adding water etc too (you’ll see this below), which I’ve been meaning to pass on – if the pastry feels super ‘wet’ before your refrigerate it, add a touch of flour (cauliflower flour) to the outside whilst it’s in the fridge, then as you roll it just ensure there’s a bit of extra flour on your bench top and rolling pin (or make shift olive oil bottle or glass as I tend to use!) and on top of the pastry disc before you roll it out, that way the pastry doesn’t stick and holds together better. Still struggling with pastry? (Do not worry, we’ve all been there – maybe still go there!) If it’s breaking a bit, get it into the tin as you well as you can, then use your fingers to push it together, it all works out in the end. The butter brings it together whilst it bakes.

Hope you love this recipe, I’m dying to make it with some lemon or passionfruit curd at some stage too!


Gluten free : Vegetarian

Serves 8-10

Tart pastry:

80ml water

4 ice cubes

2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

1 1/3 cups (230g) Pom Pom Paddock Cauliflower Flour Mix

1/3 cup (65g) coconut sugar

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

2 tablespoons (22g) raw cacao powder

1/4 teaspoon finely ground sea salt

125g cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes


2 cups coconut yoghurt

150g strawberries, sliced

100g raspberries

50-100g blueberries

Maple syrup

To make the pastry: Mix together water, ice cubes and apple cider vinegar. In a large bowl combine Pom Pom Paddock Cauliflower Flour Mix, coconut sugar, cinnamon, raw cacao powder and sea salt in a bowl and mix. Add flour and using clean hands, rub the butter into the flour mix to create a crumbly dough. Make a well in the middle, and add a small amount of the icy apple cider vinegar water and mix with hands, continue working the liquid in until the pastry comes together and forms a dough. Shape into a disc, cover with plastic wrap and pop in fridge for 2 hours. Once the pastry is ready, heat the oven to 200C. Dust a clean surface with flour, place pastry disc in the middle and roll out using a floured rolling pin or glass until it is approximately 32cm in diameter. Line the pastry into a 28cm tart tin (with removable base), allowing pastry overhang. Then using your fingers, pinch the overhang to cut and shape it into the tin gently. Place a piece of greaseproof paper over the top of the pastry, weigh it down with some pastry weights or dried lentils and bake in oven for 20 minutes. Remove the pastry weights and bake a further 5 minutes. Cool completely before filling

To fill the tart: Remove pastry from the tart tin. Spread coconut yoghurt around the pastry base, top with berries, drizzle with maple syrup and serve.

+ This is a partnered post with Pom Pom Paddock, all thoughts and opinions expressed are the authors own.