High Protein Meal Plan : Meat and Plants


This High Protein Meal Plan : Meat and Plants has been designed to support and educate you in how you can more easily hit protein targets throughout your day and week. It has been designed with a daily 100g protein minimum target and can be adapted according to your age, weight and life stage. With a variety of meat and plant based proteins incorporated throughout the plan and more specific foods and nutrients to support women’s health, this is an incredibly helpful guide for you to work your way toward more optimal protein intake.

What's Included?
  • understanding how the body uses protein
  • why protein demands increase at different life stages
  • minimum protein requirements
  • optimal protein requirements
  • recommended protein powders
  • 7 high protein breakfast recipes
  • 7 high protein lunch recipes
  • 7 high protein dinner recipes
  • simple protein charged snack options
High Protein Meal Plan : Meat and Plants